Rifugio Antonio Curò

Dove la natura è di casa

cultural events 2015


Saturday, 11 Sunday, July 12 MEET MONTAIN BIKE (Comm. Cicloescursionismo Lombardia) Saturday 15.30 riding techniques (Rapporteur: Roberto Diani) Sunday bike ride, Natural lake Barbellino
Sunday, July 26 CONCERT IN FEE Gio Bassanelli
Friday 'July 31 OROBIE ULTRA TRAIL great ride through the Orobie Mountains that starting from Clusone to pass around the path Orobie to continue until the arrival to Bergamo after a ride of 140 Km.
Saturday, August 1 VIPER BITE, BITE BRAND (21.00) (Rapporteur: Dr. Giancelso Agazzi)
Saturday, August 8 Excursion to the Hostel (Group Senior CAI Bergamo)
Monday, August 10 GEOLOGY (16.00) (Group CAI Verona) (Rapporteur: Massimo Silvestri)
Tuesday, August 11 Excursion (Group CAI Verona)
Saturday, August 29 Stage photo (Circle Mountain Photography)
Sunday, August 30 excursion to the natural lake and Barbellino Briefing photo
Saturday, September 5 THE WILDLIFE OF THE ALPS OROBIE (Company Faunal Valbelviso - Barbellino) (Rapporteur: Eugenio Carlini)
Sunday, September 6 Excursion in search of wild animals
Saturday, September 12 LANDSCAPE ALPE
Sunday, September 13 MOUNTAIN RUNNING VALBONDIONE-Barbellino
Saturday, September 19 WAITING FOR THE FALLS (Scientific Group Bergamo)
Saturday 26 sttembre FOOD ESSENTIAL FOR A RIDE IN THE MOUNTAINS: WHAT TO PUT IN BACKPACK AND WHAT CAN I FIND IN SHELTER (Sara Domenghini) (speakers: Sara Domenghini - Fabio Arizzi)
Sunday, September 27 Excursion
Saturday, October 3 DRUGS IN MOUNTAIN (21.00) (Rapporteur: Dr. GB. Paris) HOSTEL IN CURO '- Fork Barbellino (artificial lake) Valbondione - Upper Seriana Valley - Bergamo
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After years of hard work that was once known as the Refuge winter Curò, he is reborn with a new look made of quality, high quality materials and comfort that is unparalleled in the Alpine panorama Lombardo.


A completely redone with lines archittettoniche rigorous, modern and absolute effect linked to the use of natural materials of the highest quality have created an atmosphere of comfort and care of reception that put the structure as an alternative exclusive behind the times, that gives a new way to experience the mountains.


The rooms, all made with solid wood paneling, they all have private bathrooms with showers for guests.


The facility can accommodate events and conferences related to the mountain with a large conference room which gives a new perspective to those who want to organize events or conventions.



Siti Amici


vi ricordiamo che il nostro recapito telefonico per qualsiasi info è 0346/44076





















































































Domenica 12 giugno 2016


Da noi gli eventi non finiscono mai!!!!!

Dalle ore 9:30 presso il rifugio Curò si terrà la giornata di Test, grazie a


logo kappaemmesport


All' insegna dello sport e del divertimento.

Possibilità di pernottamento all'ostello al Curò

Ritrovo presso KMSport sabato ore 16:00



salewakm n



Vi aspettiamo numerosi!!!!!!


Tornano gli eventi all'Ostello al Curò Sabato 28 Maggio


Sensazioni e Emozioni in tea Himalaiana

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